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Food Trip

Providing Much needed Food and protien as well as Fruit to the needy community

Mae sot mission

Reaching out to the needy during the Refuge crisis in Dec 2021

Resources allocation

Providing for the refuge at the Thai border during crisis

Taking action to deliver

Refuge at the Thai border deliver it to the needy

Refuge Crisis Thai Border

Raising Fund to provide basic food supply to refuge

Medical needs

Reaching out to provide basic medical needs

Resources sharing for the kids

Sharing resources from people

Snack and healthy drink for the kids

Soymilk for the kids

more Spending time with the kids 

Spending time with the kids
listening to their needs

Food Run Providing Eggs

Delivery of needed basic for the kids

Chang dao Riverside Outing with kids

Care108 social improvement project to bring the kids out to have fun 

Giving out Food supply

Visiting the hilltribe in north of Thailand to provide food supply

Spending time with the kids

Spending time with the kids
listening to their needs

Food for kids during Outing

Lunch time during an Outing to the Local swimming pool

Getting a Multi Media Tv

Providing Basic Needs to Children growing needs

Refuge at the Thai border

Providing Basic Needs To Children and needy during the refuge crisis

Giving out Milk to little girl

Adding Milk to diet is amazing

 Eggs & fruits Delivery

Delivery Fruits and eggs for kids

More food delivery for kids

Is importance to provide for kids

Mattress for Orphanage

Buying mattresses for the Orphanages

Pizza Trip with Kids

Bringing the kids to eat Pizza

Sunshine swimming trip

fun during the summer at the local swimming pool

Providing Eggs to Orphanage

Delivery of needed basic for the kids

Pumpkin on the menu

Adding Pumpkin to the menu

Experience program for kids

Giving Animal care experience

Fruit and Snack make happy kids 

Providing fruit and snack to the orphanage


Outing with the kids 

Bringing the kids out to have fun under the sun


Construction project 2 bathroom

providing the resources to upgrade and repair damage infrastructure

Recycle Clothing for the needy

Clothing is basic essential for the needy


Spending times with the kids

Giving out Clothing after sunset


Waiting for Food together

Kids waiting to start their dinner at about 6pm


House visit to provide support

Visiting to find out what is needed and giving support


Hand on building double decker bed

Building double decker bed for the kids


Home Brew soy milk and snack 

Home brew soy milk & food for the kids